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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is a village lying in Nubia on the western bank of Lake Nasser, about 290 kilometers south of Aswan in Egypt, and only 40 km north of the frontiers of Sudan. The sites oldest record dates back to the 18th Dynasty, to the reign of Ay and Horemheb who had rock-cut chapels in the area.

Abu Simbel Temples are located on the western bank of Lake Nasser in Egypt. Abu Simbel Temples were part of the UNESCO mission to rescue the Nubian monuments in Egypt. The Temples were dismantled and relocated in the 1960s, on a hill, high above the basin of Aswan High Dam in Egypt.

The relocation of the temples was necessary to avoid them from being drowned in Lake Nasser - Aswan, which was formed after the construction of the High Dam - Aswan.

The rescue mission of Temples reached up to about 40 million USD, the whole complex was cut into large blocks and it was relocated 65 Meter higher and 200 Meter back from the river, Now many tourists from all over the world come to  visit Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan - Egypt as there are convoys of buses depart twice daily from Aswan towards the complex of Abu simbel temples in Egypt.

Abu Simbel Temples
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