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Aswan the 3rd largest city in Egypt is situation directly on the bank of the Nile River in the lower region of Egypt; just north of the Tropic of Cancer, which is why the climate is hot year round.

Aswan is a major mining area for aluminum and iron as well as being a major stop for the cruise boats, as most of the Nile cruises sail between Aswan and Luxor, and vice versa. The local market is a very good place to do your holiday shopping, especially as you will find the best types of fresh spices here.

The population of the Aswan governorate is around 1.2 million and mostly consists of Nubians and local tribes of Kenzo. The city of Aswan in Egypt became very important after the construction of the high dam and the worldwide rescue campaign of the Nubian monuments during and after its construction.

Aswan in Egypt is derived from the Ancient Egyptian word Swan, which means ‘the market’. It is located on the main trading route between Egypt and the southern lands, where gold, slaves and ivory passed into Egypt. The governors of the 6th Dynasty sent many expeditions to explore the many African countries located to the south, and most of these started from Aswan! It was also the major source of granite, sandstone and quartzite used in the construction of the various monuments throughout Egypt!

In Ancient times the God Khoum was the major God of the city, but in later periods the Goddess Isis, Goddess of magic and maternity, became the main patron God with a temple being built for her at Philae.

Aswan is a well-known tourist destination especially for Nile cruise tourists. When you are in Aswan you will have the chance to visit Elephantine Island on board of a felucca boat. This Island is one of the largest Islands in Aswan which dates back to pre-dynastic periods. You can also visit the Aswan Nubian village to see the truly amazing life of the Nubians; a wonderful chance to get a true taste of African culture. You can visit the local market which abounds in handcrafts, local products, perfumes and oriental spices.

If you are visiting Aswan independently there are many points of interest in this area so it is easy to arrange excursions from Aswan including Abu Simbel Temples, Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples by an air-conditioned modern vehicle.

Aswan Points of Interest

Philae Temple
The High Dam
The Unfinished Obelisk
The Botanical Garden (Kitchener island)
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