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Royal Cleopatra Nile Cruise

Royal Cleopatra Dahabia Charters in Egypt. The Dahabia Nile Cruise; exploring the beautiful Wonders of Ancient Egypt by a traditional Egyptian Boat is a magical experience. Escape to the pleasures of relaxing under the sun, Visit the Temples of the Pharaohs, good food and magnificent scenery. The daily experience of sailing to a new adventure on the Nile waters and enjoying the blue sky and green Valley is rewarding and satisfying. Booking Royal Cleopatra Nile Cruise is a holiday to remember!                            

Royal Cleopatra Nile Cruise sites

Visit historic sites:
Ancient cities such as Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan are yours to explore. Your Royal Cleopatra Dahabia will be sailing through the antique regions on the Nile. Every day a new town, a new world to be explored. Endless natural beauty and history enjoyed while cruising under the Egypt sun



Life on Board:
You could  lounge on the deck sunbathing, sipping your drink, read your favorite novel or explore the natural beauty of Egypt as you sail. Land trips to ancient ruins  are included. Mealtimes are another form of entertainment with all that local Egyptian cuisine and wonderful conversation. Having a meal under the stars on the River Nile, it is waters gently touching the sides of the boat is an experience not to be missed. For those who prefer a different view each day and are prepared for a different and unique cruise in Egypt, a holiday on Royal Cleopatra  Nile Cruise is the perfect solution.

Booking Royal Cleopatra Nile Cruise


What to Bring?
You need casual wear only, comfortable foot wear, swimming suit for the night you spend in the hotel in Luxor as most hotels have a swimming pool, a sun hat, some t-shirts and shorts, a sweater for cool evenings and for excursions and blue jeans. Instead of one large suitcase, we recommend that you take two small soft bags as they are more convenient to store in your cabin.  Towels, soap and shampoo are available on board.


Your Crew:
Crew usually consists of a Tour Guide, captain, one sailor, cook and a house keeper. On the larger Dahabia a sixth crew member will be at your service. They are very friendly and ready to help you for a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time extremely professional, familiar with the Nile river and the Dahabia inside out. The Tour guide is your source of information on the local history and surroundings, being able to advise the best places to visit and shop etc. Also you can get some tips from the cook on local cuisine.  At night The tour guide is the only crew member who sleeps on board in his private cabin and private bathroom. The rest of the crew sleep on a different boat.

As you might expect , special attention is given to cuisine while sailing & cruising.  Royal Cleopatra is the only Nile Cruise that allows you a mix of meals that are served in : Local Restaurant, Luxury Hotels and barbecue on some of the islands in the middle of the Nile, and guarantee a memorable dining experience every day.

Now, we have re-created the grand era of Nile adventure. Through their special contacts, we have arranged cruises on private Nile vessels. Completely refitted, our craft will delight the discriminating traveler, with full amenities, and modern conveniences and safety features unimaginable by upper-crust visitors of old or even the ancient pharaohs.

Our private Nile cruisers are at your disposal to accommodate couples, honeymooners, families, and small groups, affording the unique experience of navigating the ancient river on your own.
The Royal Cleopatra is a lateen-rigged Nile sailing vessel, 62 feet long by 24-1/2 feet wide, with sleeping accommodations for one to seven people.You may only get to cruise the Nile once. Make it the voyage of a lifetime aboard Royal Cleopatra.

Guests of Royal Cleopatra Nile Cruise, receive special attention as we will provide you with a private Egyptologist to answer any questions you may have about the wonders around you.


How to charter a Dahabia Nile Cruise ?                                                                                  Private Dahabia Charters: For groups of up to 7 people, you can charter an entire Dahabia privately. Please contact us for detailed information about the Dahabia charter, itineraries and prices.
Cabin Yacht Charters: Even if you are single or only a couple and do wish to enjoy a Dahabia cruise, you can  book a cabin on Royal Cleopatra cruise along the river Nile.


Bigger Groups: For Groups up to 15 people ,There are 7 beds available and for the rest of the group please bring your sleeping bags to sleep on the sun deck. Two bathrooms in the cabins are to be shared by group members.



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