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Khan El Kahlili Bazaars

Once known as the Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman period, is now usually just called the (Khan). Named for the great Caravansary, the market was built in 1382 by the Emir Djaharks El-Khalili in the heart of the Fatimid City. It is represent the market tradition which established Cairo as a major center of trade. Perhaps, this vary market was involved in the spice monopoly controlled by the Mamluks, which encouraged the Europeans to search for new routes to the East and led Columbus, indirectly, to discover the Americas. During its early period, the market was also a center for subversive groups, often subject to raids before the Sultan Ghawri rebuilt much of the area in the early 16th century. Regardless, it was trade which caused early wealth in Cairo, even from the time of the Babylon fort which was often a settlement of traders.

This market is situated at one corner of a triangle of markets that go south to Bab Zuwayla and west to Azbakiyyah. The Khan is bordered on the south by al-Azhar Street and on the west by the Muski Market. On a narrow street leading off al-Badistand, one will find the El-Fishawi Cafe, or Cafe of Mirrors, which was once a meeting place for local artists, and is still frequented by the Nobel Award winning Naguib Mahfouz, one of most well known authors in Egypt.
Better deals for gold and silver are to be found west of the Khan along the (street of the gold sellers), and further on one will find the Brass and Coppersmith Markets.


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